​​​​​Solar Motor.  A century ago, large arrays of mirrors focused sunlight to boil water to power water pumps.  Today, there are none – ZERO - anywhere in the world.  No one is even looking this way.  Here you will see a solar motor  that generates electricity without mirrors, tracking, or a support structure.  It will also work on the International Space Station, Mars or the Moon.   It is powered by a temperature difference, such as between sun and shade.  It requires and consumes no fuel and produces no pollution.  U.S. Patent #10,914,212,  Feb 9, 2021

​​This web site is all about POWER - New renewable, sustainable power, electrical and mechanical, used in new ways, but also the power of perception, and the power of a good night’s sleep.  The projects you will see here are either new uses of power, or new ways to harness it.  All have either U.S. patents allowed or pending.  There is a wide variety of projects.  I will group them roughly:  

The Power of Perception - Clothing Design, which then led to airplane interiors, which led to wall covering...

You will like this.  You will buy this.

"Perception is reality"   Lee Atwater

​​​Alternative power sources, overlooked and underutilized.  

Buoyancy - Archimedes discovered it 2,200 years ago.   It's time to put it to work.  ​Stay tuned for more to come soon.. 

​​Solar Powered Air Conditioner.  Refrigeration and cooling powered by the sun alone.  Yeah, I know.  I didn't believe it either...   until I saw it....

For all of these projects, I seek a forward-thinking research university to take the lead in developing them for humanitarian deployment and commercialization.

 Rotary Internal Combustion Engine.  the RICE.  This succeeds where the Wankel failed.


The Power of a good night's sleep - The IoT (Internet of Things) can tell me when the office plants need watering, or when the dog's food bowl is empty, but it hasn't reached our beds, where we spend one-third of our lives

Until now

​​Intermittent, gusty winds - Think outside the car!  And capture some of the aerodynamic turbulence vehicles leave behind, in their wakes. ​​

Air Conditioning with No Compressor  Benjamin Franklin discovered it in 1758.  It's about time to put it to work, don't you think?

Look For The Power LLC

Wasted Vehicle Inertia   can be used to generate electrical power

Alternate mountings of pv solar panels.  You've seen these, right?  There are better ways to mount them that yield more electricity per unit of land, spread more evenly throughout the day...

Oil and water – Big news item – they don’t mix.  Bigger news item – this property may be used to generate power from waves.  A new WEC (Wave Energy Converter)​